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Created by an ancient beast hunter, Belmont daggers are a simple but extremely effective weapon. Those who use them, tend to carry several to overcome the enemy at a safe distance, taking advantage of its excellent weight and flight. Material: Soulless polyurethane foam Length: 26,5cm Weight: 65gr
Although originally Mudari daggers were used only in the Aurean monk’s rites, nowadays their balance, finish and lethal blades have turned them into a piece desired by most warriors and collectors, and are often used as a execution dagger. Also, their excellent Flight makes them a surprise tool that many enemies won’t expect. Material: Coreless...
Famous in the slums of any city worth its salt, karambit-type knives are one of the favorite weapons of any ruffian who prefers close and dirty combat. Its firm grip and the ring-shaped knob allow its user to do all kinds of tricks with it. Material: Coreless Polyurethane Foam Length: 23cm Weight: 60g

Hunting Axe

It does not matter if you’re a Viking warrior or a wandering merchant, the throwing hatchet is always an indispensable friend! As useful in the everyday chores of any adventurer as in the fiercest of battles, it’s equally perfect for chopping wood or skulls! Material: Coreless Polyurethane Foam Length: 22.5 cm Weight: 95g
Using ancient alchemical formulas, these small jars filled with an extremely volatile material are a perfect weapon for anyone who prefers acids and mussels to knives and swords! Material: Coreless Polyurethane Foam Length: 22.5 cm Weight: 95g

Iwashi Dagger

A good knife thrower needs nothing more than a piece of sharp metal to frighten his opponents. The Lanch daggers are perfect for those throwers who like to carry a real arsenal of small edges and overwhelm their enemies from a distance, plus their small size will allow you to hide them anywhere. Material: Soulless Polyurethane Foam Length: 21cm...

Chakram Athena

This exotic circular weapon is famous for being the weapon used by an ancient tribe of women warriors of exceptional ability. Its use varies from the nearest body to body, giving curved cuts, to being thrown like a lethal disc capable of decapitating wild beasts from a prodigious distance. Material: Soulless polyurethane foam Diameter: 27cm Weight: 150
In the slums, where the law of the strongest is noted, fights in taverns and dark alleys are the bread of every day. The smartest make sure to take some "help" with them to make sure every blow counts. Among them shines Hogan's fist, which will get any enemy to think twice before engaging in a fight... Material: Polyurethane foam without core...

Vlad Knife

The Vlad knife, popularized by smugglers and sailors, is a short and wide-edged blade that allows applying a completely terrible force and control to the cut. Perfect for those who especially enjoy the "close and personal" Material: Coreless polyurethane foam Length: 16 cm Weight: 32gr

Broken Wand coins

Our mysterious coins minted in zinc under ancient rituals.A must for the serious numismatist. This bag contains 6 copper Griffins 3 silver Phoenixes and 1 gold Dragon

Alchemy table

From the minds of our most experienced alchemists this component mixing tool has emerged. An elegant, portable alchemy table, to make your most elaborate potions in a simple way. It includes straps to be able to attach it to your belt and wear it with total comfort. Materials: Leather and rubber Diameter: 26 cm Weight: 600g

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