In this section you will find answers to some of the most common questions that may arise! Any extra questions? Contact us at

About us

Where do you have your secret base?

Currently our den is located in the province of Valencia, Spain.

How can I contact you?

We will be happy to assist you through our social networks (Facebook and instagram) or at

About our products

Do you make your weapons and products yourself?

Of course! From the sketchbook to the mold or directly to the foam, our artisans handle each step with extreme affection, making and reviewing each piece one by one personally. That is why the finish of each piece may vary slightly, making each weapon unique!

What materials make up your creations?

It depends on the piece! Our weapons are made of different polyurethane foams, including our exclusive foam for swords, while our shields are made of foam and Latex.  

Sometimes, certain custom orders lead us to work with wood or high density foams, always looking for the best possible result.

What maintenance and care do your creations require?

Our swords and coreless weapons do not require any maintenance! As with any piece, rubbing and usage may deteriorate the color, but that is certainly a sign that you have been enjoying them!

Our shields, being made of latex and foam, do require some maintenance. Some silicone oil from time to time should keep the latex in perfect condition.

Of course, we do not recommend excessive exposure of any part to direct heat or sun. Likewise, we do not recommend accumulating latex pieces in contact with each other for long periods of time or supporting the tips of the swords on the ground. 

Shipping, Returns and Warranties

Do you ship outside of Spain?

Of course, we ship our parts to a large part of Europe! Of course, keep in mind that the costs can skyrocket in shipments according to which countries.

What are the shipping costs?

When you go to place the order you will be shown the derived costs. In any case if you have any additional questions about the shipment or its costs you can consult us directly at

My weapon has arrived with damage! What do I do?

Do not hesitate to contact us through with all possible details and we will manage your case as soon as possible. In case of factory incidence we will send you the steps so that we can change the piece.

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